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I'm currently teaching public classes every Tuesday at Leeds Yoga.
Leeds Arts University students
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I frequently cover yoga classes at ID Holistics and Leeds City Council Leisure Centres. Follow me on social media for updates on what classes I'm covering.
For more information, including what you can expect from one of my classes, scroll down.
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What I Do

My love for yoga, astronomy and travelling drive my teaching style, giving you a class that is unique to your needs based on my knowledge and experience.

Class types:
Fancy a time and place that suits you? Private/semi-private yoga classes can be tailored to your needs.

Would you like to set up a class at your office? Corporate yoga is fun and a great way to incorporate yoga into your day without the travel time. If you can book a meeting room (and move the table and chairs), you can have corporate yoga! Here is more information.
Contact me soon to book a taster session for your office.

Please see my work for details about workshops and courses that you can book, as a studio or for small groups.

For more detail about what kind of yoga styles I teach, please check out the section about who I am.

Feelings are just visitors, let them come and go. ~ Buddha

Remember, one off classes are great too!
Private/Semi-Private classes at my home studio: £50 (up to 3 people included in price. Private classes can also be booked through Leeds Yoga for city centre location.)
Corporate classes: £50
Classes typically last 60-80 minutes.
Classes shorter than 60 minutes can be booked on request.
YouTube classes are completely FREE and tailored to what you want.
Take time to do what makes your soul happy.

I have a home studio suitable for private lessons for up to two people. Please contact me to book a slot. I currently live in Kirkstall, Leeds, England.
You can also let me know if you want to receive notifications when new classes or workshops are coming up.
Everything you need is already within you.


Who I Am

My usual teaching style is Vinyasa (flow yoga), Hatha (slow strengthening yoga) and Restorative (mind focused relaxation). I'm so happy to be able to offer you Restorative yoga in a safe supportive environment so that you can completely relax in each pose on comfy props and practice the art of conscious relaxation. I'm also confident in safely adapting yoga poses for pregnant students should you pop in to one of my public classes.

I believe that yoga is so much more than the physical postures (asana). Yoga can be a way of life, through a good balance of healthy eating habits, meditation, spiritual practice and the physical practice you can find personal healing and growth for a calm mind and a happy body. I hope to give well rounded uplifting classes to all my students and am happy to give advice on things “off the mat”.

What you can expect from your class: I want all my students to walk away from every class feeling better physically and mentally. I recommend booking in for a few classes at a time but you should notice a difference after the first lesson. I have a good knowledge of yoga history, philosophy, breath, alignment, chakras, nadis, prana and the different aspects of the subtle body. Most of my classes will have one or more of these included before or after the asana practice, for example: Meditation / yoga nidra / breathing techniques / massage / corrections and tips / poetry / yoga text quotes / spiritual guidance. I can provide equipment if required (let me know what you will need before class).

A bit more about my background: I have years of experience teaching young adults and adults in private and group settings, including large groups of 30 people. I have dual citizenship for the USA and Britain. I grew up in America and moved to England when I was 18 and I’ve called England my home ever since. I’m currently living in Leeds, England with my husband.

Travelling as a hobby: Travelling is, just as yoga is, so much more than a physical experience. In the past few years I’ve travelled the world mostly with a backpack and train pass visiting most of the countries in Europe, Japan, Hawaii and the east coast of the US. Each time I find the experience rewarding, uplifting and enriching, and each time I seek out the local yoga teacher to learn some new techniques and to continue my personal development. In November 2017 I did some further Yoga Teacher Training in Japan at Sun and Moon Yoga Tokyo.

Astronomy - education as a hobby: I’m currently taking a part time, distance learning course in Astronomy with the intention of getting a BSc. It’s a slow pace of learning that suits my lifestyle wonderfully and means I can still focus fully on my yoga students’ lesson planning and my home life.

Let me help you find your balance.


My Work

Workshops and courses: Below are some of the workshops and courses I offer to studios and individuals who want to gather friends together for an event! As well as details about why you should set up my 4 week corporate yoga classes at your place of work today!

Yoga retreats: I’m currently looking to assist a yoga teacher with their yoga retreat for experiance. If you're looking for an experianced yoga teacher to help out with your retreat, please get in touch.

Say Hello

If you’re interested in getting in touch to book a class, have a chat, a coffee or just discuss life, feel free to message me on Facebook or fill in the form below!